Safety Is Our Life Style

Safety Is Our Life Style

As a global leader in coal production, Drummond excavates over 250 million cubic meters of waste and ships more than 30 million metric tons of coal annually. Our mining concessions in Colombia control reserves of more than 1.5 billion metric tons. In addition to coal mining, Drummond is the largest foundry coke producer in the U.S. and is well known in the foundry industry for superior products and reliability of supply. In our mining, rail and port operations in Colombia (South America), we have a direct workforce of more than 5,900 employees and direct contractor employment of 5,300 jobs. This group worked over 30 million man-hours in 2021. Every day, at every level of the company, we are committed to our employees, our customers, the communities, and the environment. It is our goal to provide every employee with the very best in safety, equipment, training and supervision.

 For Drummond, safety is more than complying with legal requirements; it’s a responsibility that we have acquired to ensure that every worker returns home safely every day. Because of this, we also consider safety as a business strategy, it is essential for the sustainability of our company.


Since 2012, we began with a forceful strategy called Safety Based on Being, to strengthen self[1]care and awareness in all workers, to assume greater responsibility for their own safety as well as their co[1]worker’s. As part of this strategy, we established a competences model that each supervisor had to meet, including characteristics such as leadership that promotes trust; leadership with the ability to influence; effective communication; the ability to learn and teach others; and teamwork.

 In addition, we incorporate spaces for dialogue to strengthen the leaders’ role through Safety Coaching sessions, pursuing the involvement of all workers. This environment creates a continuous improvement cycle to strengthen safe job procedures and practices. At the start, we decided to organize our safety program as a Certified Safety and Health Management System. We currently are certify under the ISO 45001:2018 standard through LRQA (Lloyd's Register)


 In 2017, we continued reinforcing the development of our Safety Culture and we carried out a Safety Culture Assessment with the support of an expert external consultant, obtaining the four (4) strategic lines that we are currently developing to achieve an interdependent culture:

• Establish structural safety governance: A strategic executive committee was establishes to provide the guidelines and policies to improve safety. In addition, there are central committees for processes in which the workers also participate.

• Understanding, assessing and enhancing supervisor roles: We have implemented Safety Mentoring sessions aimed to train our managers and supervisors as persuasive leaders who inform, inspire and influence their work teams.

• Employee safety empowerment / accountability at all levels: In the same way, the training activities for this strategic line have advanced, bringing innovation in the work processes to strengthening prevention, self-care and continuous risk management.

• Transform safety culture to a proactive / leading environment (KPI’s): Through structured programs with proactive activities aimed to prevent accidents, we are monitoring the results of leading indicators, which allow us to evaluate and visualize the advances in those proactive activities, such as Safety Observations Program and Safety Management Walkthroughs.

"We will continue working hand in hand with workers and contractors, aiming to continue building a strong safety culture that will ensure success of the industry and the business"

 In order to guarantee active participation in our safety culture we involved all workers and contractors, at all hierarchical levels, through spaces for communication and consultation such as, Weekly Safety Meetings, Quarterly “Town Hall” Meetings held by the President of Mining with all workers and 360° Safety Chats at the start of each rotation. Through the pandemic, considering all the restrictions that it brought to our operation, it was possible to observe the resiliencies, growth and empowerment that our employees have achieved. We continued our operation uninterrupted, with good safety results showing us that we are on the correct journey to achieve interdependence.


All the strategies that we are developing, makes visible the safety cultural growth towards interdependence, reflected through these results:

• The reduction in the rate of recordable injuries has been 64 percent in the last 5 years.

• The reduction in the rate of lost time incident rate has been 52 percent in the last 5 years.

• The attitude of the workers, which was previously characterize as reactive, changed to a proactive safety behavior with concern for their own safety and that of their co-workers.

• Supervisors' leadership in safety is more visible, making sure that their teams understand the work instructions well and apply the safe job procedures.

• Our safety culture has been evaluated by third parties, such as the Colombian Safety Council in Colombia, receiving recognition as one of the leading companies in Safety Culture in Colombia.

For Drummond Ltd. “SAFETY is our lifestyle that guides everything we do, protecting those around us, our environment, resources and ourselves”. We will continue working hand in hand with workers and contractors, aiming to continue building a strong safety culture that will ensure success of the industry and the business. We are committed to continue to build the safety culture of our world- class mining operation.

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